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Who Am I?

I am a divine reflection of you. I will help you see your own strengths as well as your blindspots so you can be aware of patterns and possibilities from a broader perspective.


I am down to get silly and serious. Human expression is welcome here. This is a space of zero judgement, and love for all that comes up.


I frequent the shadows as much as the light. I will help to hold a light while we venture through the depths, and celebrate with you through the highs.


I encourage authenticity, no matter what that looks like. You are you for a REASON. I will encourage you to be honest about who you are and what you want so we can bring you into alignment with what serves your highest good.


I strongly believe we are very powerful beings. I will help you shed limiting beliefs by communicating with the subconscious mind and replacing outdated systems with new, beneficial mindsets.


I honor all emotions. We are not meant to ignore what comes up. I will work with you to navigate through emotions on each side of the spectrum, so that they can be processed safely, and so any lessons can be extracted and implemented successfully.


My Story

I’ve always been one to go deep. But I haven’t always felt safe being who I am.

For much of my life, I didn’t know how to ask for help. I didn’t even know it was normal to do so.


I thought I had to figure everything out alone, bottled everything up, and took everything on as my own destructive responsibility. I held myself back from opportunities that I felt were too far above me, expecting myself to not be “ready enough,” “good enough,” or “smart enough” to do the work and receive the blessings that would come along with it.


So I played small.


I held myself in careers, friendships, and partnerships that were toxic to my wellbeing, because I was too afraid of the consequences of being honest.

Many people weren't ready to receive me, so I feared being seen as my true self.


I finally asked myself, what would be worse: facing the consequences of speaking and choosing my TRUTH and moving forward as an honest person, magnetizing what I deserved based on what I desire, or keeping my truth buried beneath fear and accepting the less-than-loving treatment I was receiving, just to make someone else comfortable?


Who was I living for?


I needed to BE the ME that receives the love I deserve. Say "yes" to what fills me up and "no" to what doesn't align. Take necessary risks so I could make room for what nourishes me, even if it's not a linear path.


And since living this truth, I have become a magnet for my soul family, turned my passions into my livelihood, opened up to amazing opportunities, and reinforced a strong foundation for an incredible partnership and a life rooted in loving truth that offers a non-stop spring of fulfillment. 


There have been moments where I thought I had it all figured out. That I could rationalize my way through a situation, emotion, or obstacle.


It wasn’t until I brought energetics into my life, the teachers and medicines that came along with it, and practices of navigating through the pathways of internal mountains, valleys, shadows, and light, that I became comfortable with being uncomfortable. Learning to love the mystery, and being okay with not knowing everything. Understanding what I need to let go of, and what I need to make space for.


It is still a constant learning experience. The desire to be perceived as having it all together, not needing anyone’s help, or the big great monster, “Perfect”...still creeps up from time to time. I’m not bulletproof to the human emotions that come to visit when they’re prompted to. But through exploring my own shadows, rediscovering my own light, and familiarizing and strengthening the tools I have found along the way, I have unlocked the codes within myself that I had been searching for externally for years. I’ve learned to ask for help, appreciate ALL my feelings as they come up, and be honest with who I am.


I choose to show up every day as my most authentic self, and trust that that is enough.


I am constantly learning that no matter how much I learn or try to understand, I will never have all the answers. I will never be 100% ready to throw myself into a new adventure knowing every single thing that may happen, preparing for all the possible scenarios and how to deal with them.


And that's okay.


Life’s most majestic gifts are not laid out in structure. They’re hidden in the unknown, waiting for you to take that first step.


So I still wake up every day and choose to be brave. Even if putting myself out there and letting myself be seen feels uncomfortable, awkward, or tough. It is always worth it to try my best from an authentic place, so that I can illuminate a pathway to receive what is meant for me.


Vulnerability has been my most sacred practice over the past decade. I’ve been challenged, tempted, and shown a magnificent glimpse into what resides in the valley beyond fear.


What I initially thought was my weakness, is actually my greatest strength.


And now, I want to shine a light on you.


I know how powerful you are. So I’m here to remind you of this by helping you discover and familiarize yourself with what’s already within you, to use these things to lift you up and propel you forward.


It is my absolute honor to use the fiery magic from my own lessons and experiences to navigate through this world with you.


You are not alone.

Side by side, we are embarking on this journey together.

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