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Creative coaching & mentorship


This isn't just about creating art; it's about embodying your greatest masterpiece. Drenched in poetry and permission, our private coaching sessions become a safe haven for your creative exploration. Clients often express feeling intimately connected to their creativity, gaining clarity on their inner child's desires, and discovering a wealth of inspiration to infuse into their art and their life.

1:1 private coaching


My mission is to help you remember your power.

This process will be unique to YOUR needs. Using a mixture of somatic tools, energetic embodiment, and subconscious reprogramming, we will work together to create a strong foundation in embodied worthiness so you can feel comfortable and confident being your authentic self, and feel damn good doing it.


Tea Ceremony is a meditative conversation with the Earth. It is my honor to hold space for you to connect deeply with nature and the messages she has to share with you. Contact me via email to schedule a tea sit either in my personal sacred space, or I can come to you.

Experience Reiki healing in an intimately artistic way. By charging the paint with Reiki, it becomes a vehicle from which the healing energy will be transmitted onto the body. The extracted energy then transforms into a piece of art. My mission is to create an experience of release, renewal, and clarity for you, so that you can feel and see the healing process as it unfolds.

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