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Imagine feeling safe and liberated enough to create beyond your wildest dreams, embodied as the artist you’ve always dreamed of being.

Are you ready to reach the deepest oceans of your creative potential?

Creative Alchemy

A 4-month private mentorship experience for heart-centered artists seeking to win the battle against creative resistance, fall back in love with their art, and permission themselves to become the artist they’ve always wanted to be.

Imagine surrendering into the version of you who:

  • Feels confident in putting her unique flavor out into the world

  • Feels deeply held and seen in her creative process

  • Pulls in more aligned audiences/communities/clients/opportunities by focusing on what she wants to create

  • Releases any limited beliefs that hold her back from creating what she wants to create

  • Trusts her creative seasons and knows how to work with them

  • Releases the need to be perfect and surrenders to her beautiful authenticity

  • Feels perpetually resourced in her creativity

  • Knows how to emotionally regulate and transmute her emotions into art

  • Allows herself to be vulnerable with her own process and sees her art blossom as a result

  • Welcomes the parts of her that come up when she creates and knows how to meet them with love

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The creative process can have so many interruptions.

We can second-guess ourselves. We can stop up against creative blocks. We can get distracted by someone else's work or how far we have to go on a project that doesn't look even close to being done yet. 


But what you might be forgetting to do is FEEL through your creative process, and actually work with the seasons you're moving through. Every artist is different. There's no 1 right way to do it, no formula for every artist to follow.


This is where your unique blueprint comes in.


When you tap into your own creative channel, open up to the inspiration available to you, and truly surrender to listening to your inner Muse, you not only create art that the whole world can feel your heart woven into, but you BECOME the art.


And that, my dear, is when you find the gold.


Hand on heart...
is this you?

  • You want to feel safe and held in your creations, but fear being misunderstood 

  • You trust that your possibilities are endless, but feel overwhelmed by all the things you can do that nothing actually gets done​

  • You have such a deep desire to create, but you get discouraged when what you create doesn’t perfectly reflect what you had in mind

  • You want a profession that allows you to shine in your creativity, but you're stuck in the belief that you can't make money being an artist

  • You know you have your own unique essence that you want to infuse into your art, but comparison holds you back from seeing yourself clearly

  • Your imagination runs wild, but you often abandon your creative urges for something that makes more “sense”

  • You’ve sought external validation for your work for so long, you’ve forgotten what it is you love to make and why


Creative Alchemy

A 4-month private mentorship experience. In 4 months, you will learn to stand tall in the face of resistance, fall back in love with your art, and use the power of inner work, somatic practices, and vulnerability to alchemize your raw humanness into true honest art and become the artist you have always wanted to be.

What would you create if nothing was stopping you? 

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In this space, you will receive:

  • 2 virtual ceremonies (1 to open up the space together, and 1 to close)

  • 8 x 90-minute 1:1 sessions to clarify your creative channel and work through what might be getting in the way

  • Option to convert your sessions into workshop-style spaces, allowing your art to be witnessed, refined, and receive feedback if desired

  • Private support via email in between sessions

  • Custom-recorded meditations curated for your unique journey and needs

  • Tools & somatic exercises for you to practice on your own

A level of depth and true self-acceptance

This container is all about creating space to be receptive towards your creativity

Essential Pillars:

Going Inward:

We will dive into your inner landscape using a mix of coaching, somatic tools, and breathwork to gently explore the terrain of what's here now, and where you'd like to go


In the soft soils of your inner world, you get to bravely express what feels real, and what you deeply desire. This will create a strong foundation for your garden to grow



Alchemizing all that we've uncovered into CREATIVITY, allowing your truth to become your palette. Letting it be a cathartic and real experience that can inform the art that you create, as the artist you've always desired to be.



I'm here to see you, hear you, reflect for you, cheer you on, offer you loving feedback, hold your vision, love you, stand up for you, and relentlessly support you in making the art and being the artist you want to be. Because you, and your art, are unequivocally worth it.

I know you have something to say, write, create…

Together, we will create a world where you can transmute what used to hold you back

into your greatest masterpiece.

Hi, I'm Katie

An artist devoted to weaving poetry through life.

As a writer, painter, jewelry maker, dancer, and deeply feeling human being, I understand how deeply we can resonate with life as art, because we ARE art.


With how deeply I crave to weave poetry into life, sometimes that desire is met with doubt, or feelings of lack or unworthiness.


“What if I can’t encapsulate it in the way my heart truly sees it, hears it, feels it? If I can’t copy and paste from my heart into the world, what’s the point?”


This moment of questioning can cause an interruption in the creative process, and has left me bloated with an undeveloped idea time and time again.


Through years of trying to move past this, creating anyway but not feeling like my heart is really in it, creating for other people but not being in alignment with what my soul wants to transmute, it finally became clear to me:


I was being called to become the art, first.


Be the poetry. Be the pallete. Be the breath of life that my art needed in its lungs.


And that required me to go inward. See what stories were embedded in my system that were holding me back from creating in the way I craved. I needed to be with them, feel through them, and release them.


All of this was required of me so I could make space for the art I desired to embody.


It wasn’t all mindset work. It wasn’t an overnight fix.


It was a devotion to believing I, and the art I wanted to create, was worth it.


And now I want to share with you what I’ve learned.

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