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Allowing Ideas to Flow Without Micromanaging Magic

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

I’m in full Vata mode…

So many ideas are flooding my mind, body heart

and my instinctual response is to grasp it immediately

find someplace to put it

“What can I do with you?”

“Where is the best place for you to go?”

This is born from excitement, but the grasping can quickly turn into micromanaging magic

We cannot harness magic, and try to bend or mold it to work for us

Yes, inspiration can come to offer tools

But we need to give it some room so it can tell us where it is being called to assist us, and show us a vision more vibrant than our conscious mind could conjure up

Imagine you were meeting someone at their home to work on a project that you’re passionate about

And without even hearing your vision, they immediately gave you something to do

Met you with a chaotic urge to put you to work

Would you feel seen or respected? Would you feel honored in your gifts?

I’ll share with you a practice I’ve adopted:

When I feel a creative idea enter my field, I notice my body’s response.

Is my brow furrowing, trying to clutch the idea in my mind?

Are my arms itching to reach for a pen, anxious to write it down before I forget?

Then I see if I can physically relax the tension in my forehead and arms.

Can I give this idea or piece of inspiration space?

I take a deep breath, and welcome the idea in

Softly inviting it into my system, allowing it to find the space it’s looking for

And trust that it will be there when I am meant to come back to it

It could be when I come out of the practice, or weeks from now

I trust that my body will remember.

Inspiration wants to find us, but we need to give it a safe space for it to land

And we can trust that we will know when it’s time to act on it.

For now, I am appreciating this Vata period I’m in

A vessel for inspiration, words, ideas

That will be born without me needing to micromanage them.

Let me know if this is a phase you’re in now too, or if you’re marinating in another.

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