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Life is a ceremony

what are you bringing
to the altar?

You, my love...
                          are ART

You deserve to share yourself, your whole self, with the world. And, you get to see yourself, express yourself, and love yourself.

Deeper than ever before.


Hi, I'm Katie

I am here to hold a light up so you can see just how powerful you are, and guide yourself back home to YOU.

I want to meet you right where you are, just as you are, and help you see the beauty of your divine, human self: full-spectrum emotions, fears, joys, obstacles, and accomplishments.


It's all part of the masterpiece of you, so how can we work to see it all as STRENGTH rather than weakness?

My calling is to assist in recalibrating your soul's voice so it can guide you back home to yourself at any given moment.

As a devoted coach, heart-centered artist, and humble human, I set my flowers down on the altar of truth. My work is rooted in somatic healing practices, energy work, and an open invitation to vulnerability.

This work is done in the depths. And I know you're ready to go there. You wouldn't be here if you weren't.

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